Total Support Solutions and Coast Salish Technologies Poised to Deliver More Options for IT Support Services in Lower Mainland BC


Victoria, October 1, 2018 — Furthering its dedication to be a top IT solution provider that partners with First Nations across Canada, Total Support Solutions is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Coast Salish Technologies (a division of Seyem Qwantlen Business Group / Kwantlen First Nation) to provide a range of IT services in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Total Support Solutions, a partner in Aboriginal Capacity Builders IT Ltd, works to help First Nations across Canada to address recognized needs for locally based IT services, certified IT training, to develop business opportunities, and to create employment for members of First Nations on a medium to long term basis.


Total Support Solutions and ACB IT provides resources through its team of experts in business development, technology and management service providers, procurement specialists and certified trainers. We specialize in providing IT technical Services and Solutions, hardware and software sales and licensing as well as training; all of which improves the human and infrastructure capacity of Indigenous communities and businesses, making them viable, efficient, and profitable.


First Nations are constantly looking to improve their information technology and technical support, needing responsive, flexible and often custom solutions. With this new partnership, First Nations stakeholders in Vancouver and the lower mainland will have more options to address their specific situation, leveraging Coast Salish Technologies’ onsite support and Total Support Solutions’ Extensive Managed Services and Helpdesk expertise.


“Coast Salish Technologies provides a wide range of IT solutions and is eager to offer the market the combined support options.  We are excited to be one of the selected partners to work with Total Support Solutions to help customers unlock the value of their information technology and to provide personalized onsite support,” said Brenda Fernie, Vice President of Seyem Qwantlen Business Group.


“Total Support Solutions has a deep knowledge and expertise in IT. Our experience working with First Nations should prove to be extremely valuable for our current and future customers,” said Chris Gillen, CEO of Total Support Solutions and Partner in ACB IT. “This partnership with Coast Salish Technologies aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual customers with greater insight to make more informed decisions and receive better, more responsive support.”


About Coast Salish Technologies 

Coast Salish Technologies is a division of Seyem’ Qwantlen Business Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kwantlen First Nation operating under a Directorship that reports to Chief and Council.  Seyem’ Qwantlen Business Group partners with both private and public sector organizations to support economic development in their community and beyond.

Coast Salish Technologies provides a range of IT services to customers in Vancouver and surrounding area including; workstation/server support to networking, security and network consulting. To learn more about Seyem’ Qwantlen Business Group, please visit


About Total Support Solutions

Total Support Solutions, an Aboriginal Capacity Builder strategic partner, is a privately held firm focused on working and partnering with First Nations across Canada to provide complete IT Solutions that include; Network Technician Training, HelpDesk Support, Data Security, Data Sovereignty, Data Hosting, Office 365 Solutions, Remote Internet Solutions, Procurement and Joint Venture Opportunities.


To learn more about Total Support Solutions and ACB IT, please

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