Our Company

We Are Committed To

Sustainable Growth And Success

In working together and learning from our Elders, we build character in our organization and community through modelling respect, trust and honesty. We are united as one nation in our efforts to make a better world for future generations.

Corporate Vision

We believe in leadership with vision that values stewardship, protection of resources, equality and inclusion. With courage and determination, we will achieve our goals as a strong model nation.

Mission Statement

We respect our solhtemexw (sacred land) and traditions. We work together as letsemot (one mind) and tselhxwelmew (family) to promote education and independence for a healthy community.

Our Culture

We preserve our culture by teaching younger generations our history and traditions. We support and help each other, care about and share our community and value each other’s contributions.

Tumia Knott

President / Councillor

Having been involved in many aspects of community development for Kwantlen First Nation since 1994, Tumia took on the role of President for Səýeḿ in 2013. She is trained as a lawyer, and holds strong interests in indigenous self-governance initiations and economic development.

Under the direction of the Kwantlen Council and the Elder Advisory Group, Tumia oversees and leads all lands and resources related activity, including indigenous rights and title issues for Kwantlen First Nation. She also provides leadership and strategic direction for the Səýeḿ team.

Brenda Fernie

Vice President

Brenda joined Səýeḿ in 2010 after spending 20 years in the field of Operations Management. She manages the day-to-day activities and staff of Səýeḿ and all companies therein, providing leadership and strategic decision making for current business operations while always being on the lookout for new connections that could lead to sustainable, bona fide business opportunities. This includes extending the many successful partnerships with neighbouring companies, whether on a large or small scale, on or off reserve.

Working alongside the rest of the Səýeḿ management team, Brenda utilizes a strategic planning approach in both business and resource related ventures to carry out activities efficiently and effectively.

Səýeḿ is wholly owned by Kwantlen First Nation